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Petrex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded by Petrex GmbH in 2012 in order to extend its strength in sourcing and distribution in China. Petrex GmbH is a leading sales, marketing and distribution companies of raw materials made in China for fine chemical products and pharmaceutical products based in Kempen, Germany. Our teams in Germany, Netherland and China are dedicated to excellence in every phase of the procurement and sales system. Our concept is to maintain long-term strategic cooperative relations, quality, integrity and efficiency for both suppliers and customers.


Petrex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor and supplier of products from many well-known European chemical companies to China. We became the sole selling agency of Phenothiazine D Prills (CAS No.: 92-84-2) on behalf of Allessa GmbH in China in 2013.

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Address: Unit1650 Mechanical & Electrical Mansion, 600 Hengfeng Road, Shanghai 200070

Tel: +86 21 6165 7005 +86 21 6165 7007

Fax: +86 21 6165 2998


伯特司贸易(上海)有限公司是由德国Petrex GmbH投资创建的全资子公司。Petrex GmbH成立于1999年,总部位于德国Kempen (杜塞尔多夫附近)。Petrex多年来致力于化工产品及药物产品的销售,采购,渠道供应,研发支持,并联合控股公司荷兰VationPharma作为亚洲及欧洲供应商及客户之间的纽带和桥梁,为双方提供可靠、及时且专业的沟通与服务,从而实现多赢的商业模式。我们的理念是保持长久的战略合作关系,质量、诚信、效率是我们的宗旨!

伯特司贸易(上海)有限公司作为多个欧洲知名化工企业指定产品在中国的独家经销商及供应商。自2013年起,作为德国Allessa GmbH在中国的独家经销商,全权代理销售吩噻嗪产品 – Phenothiazine D Prills (CAS No.: 92-84-2)。


电话:+86 21 6165 7005 / +86 21 6165 7007

传真:+86 21 6165 2998